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Bachelor of Arts in History (Online)

Our degree in history is designed to be comprehensive and flexible. Students receive a broad foundation in United States history and Western civilization, mostly through primary sources, and then may, in consultation with their advisors, design their own history degrees incorporating course work from throughout the university.

Students may choose a general course based in United States, European or world studies, or may organize their degree in history around a specific theme, such as religious, African-American, political, social, intellectual, or economic topics, to name a few.

All history degree majors complete required courses in historical methods and a senior colloquium where they write a senior thesis. In addition, the student may pursue a secondary interest in more depth since the degree allows for 21 credits in electives.

Those students who wish to organize their degree in history around an individual theme can work with their advisors and the history program coordinator to select courses that fulfill the requirements.

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