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Type Proprietary, For-Profit
Campus 36 Locations in the United States

Sanford–Brown (also known as the Sanford–Brown Institute or Sanford–Brown College) is a division of the Career Education Corporation (NASDAQCECO); a proprietary, for-profit higher education organization that is also the parent organization of Briarcliffe College, Brown College (Minnesota), Missouri College, and the now-defunct Katharine Gibbs School.

Sanford–Brown provides career training programs in health care, criminal justice, and computer-related fields.

The school traces its history back to the 1860s as a successor to a St. Louis location of Brown's Business College owned by George W. Brown (1845-1918).


Although the schools are not regionally accredited, they are nationally accredited by either the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) or the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Additionally, over 60 academic programs at Sanford–Brown are individually accredited.[1]

Sanford–Brown Locations

Sanford–Brown College

Sanford–Brown Institute

Sanford–Brown Affiliates

Allegations of recruiting misconduct

On several occasions, former Sanford–Brown students have sued the institution for misleading recruiting practice.[2] For example, twelve former students filed a lawsuit in 2007 against Sanford–Brown College and its parent company, Career Education Corporation, alleging that Sanford–Brown engaged in aggressive and misleading recruiting tactics and misled them about the transferability of Sanford–Brown's credits and the nature of its curriculum, training, and faculty.[3] One year later, four nursing students filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the college "fraudulently induced them and the class to join a medical assistant program through a number of deceptive acts."[4] In late 2010, this lawsuit was granted class action status.[5] In August 2011, the attorney general of Florida was reported as investigating Sanford–Brown and seven other for-profit colleges to "Determine whether they have violated Florida law prohibiting deceptive or unfair business practices."[6]

Campuses being taught-out

As part of internal restructuring Career Education Corporation announced on 12/10/2012 that they will be teaching out numerous Sanford Brown campuses throughout the United States.[7]

  • Sanford–Brown College – Portland
  • Sanford–Brown College – SBC North Loop (Houston)
  • Sanford–Brown Institute – Orlando
  • Sanford–Brown College – Austin
  • Sanford–Brown College – Boston
  • Sanford–Brown College – Indianapolis
  • Sanford–Brown Institute – Trevose, Pa. (Philadelphia)
  • Sanford–Brown Institute – Cranston, R.I.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Dearborn, Mich.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Tysons Corner, Va.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Farmington, Mich.
  • Sanford–Brown College – St. Peters, Mo.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Columbus, Ohio
  • Sanford–Brown Institute – Wilkens Township, Penn.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Fenton, Mo.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Tinley Park, Ill.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Skokie, Ill.
  • Sanford–Brown College – Hillside, Ill.

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