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Maintenance Technician

Maintenance technicians work in a variety of fields, all centered on machinery. They perform basic maintenance and repairs on machines. They check the performance of machinery, clean and lubricate them, perform basic diagnostics, and test damaged machine parts to determine whether major repairs are necessary. Machinery maintenance workers are tasked with following machine specifications and must adhere to maintenance schedules. Day to day, an industrial maintenance mechanic job description may include being required to:

  • Adjust and calibrate machinery and equipment
  • Clean and lubricate machinery or equipment
  • Detect minor problems by performing basic diagnostic tests
  • Disassemble equipment and machinery when there is a problem
  • Move equipment and machinery
  • Perform tests to make sure that machines are running smoothly
  • Read technical manuals to understand controls and equipment
  • Repair or replace malfunctioning or broken components
  • Test malfunctioning machinery to determine the need for major repairs
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