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Anne W

respiratory therapists make good money no matter what school you go to.


How much is a reasonable amount to ask for?

I am planning to work at a dental office. I would like to work in the prison because they make about 16 bucks an hour. If I get an offer closer to home, I might take it, if I get paid a reasonable amount. My question is, when discussing my pay rate, what would be a reasonable amout to ask for? I would have (by that time) graduated from San Joaquin Valley College, have an A.S. degree in Dental Assisting, be coronal polish, sealant, radiology, cpr, and hipaa certified, and be planning on taking my RDA within the following 6 months. I think $14 an hour would be reasonable for a general office or is that too much? I don't want to come off as money hungry i just want to get my bills paid. Thanks a lot for the help. oh and btw, I'm in fresno county, I know wages vary city to city. Thank you.


Have you spoken with your college about what the general pay scale is in your area for this profession? They would have an idea, or you could canvass others who are in the profession and see what their pay ranges are for your level of experience. Doing a quick salary check reveals that dental assistants average around 33K per year, which comes to roughly 15/hr. So it seems that you're in the ballpark. But, this is an average, rates will vary also depending on your experience and certifications. Your requirements sound about right. So ask higher and indicate that this is open to negotiation.


How do I transfer to a different college?

I am now attending Fresno Community College as a freshmen and in the process of finishing up my GED. I'm planning on majoring in Registered Nursing. I've heard San Joaquin Valley College is an excellent school for those who want to major in nursing and I was wondering if it is possible to transfer within my sophomore year. It's a private college in my area, Fresno California. I wanted to know what am I suppose to do to transfer to a private college in SJVC? And how do I start?


It's a pretty straightforward process. Go to and select your program and campus. From there, you should be led to an application. To complete your application, you may need things such as references, transcripts from your high school and community college, and a set of essays or other a resume. It's probably too late now to apply to start next year. It would also be wise to fill out the FAFSA so you have the option of federal aid.

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