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Riverside CA 92506 

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Riverside City College

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Riverside City College
Type Community college
Established 1916
Chancellor Dr. Michael Burke
President Dr. Wolde-Ab Isaac
Students 17,723[1]
Location Riverside, California,
United States

33°58'19?N 117°22'52?W? / ?33.97194°N 117.38111°W? / 33.97194; -117.38111
Campus Urban
Colors Orange and Black
Mascot Tiger

Riverside City College (RCC) is a community college in Riverside, California, United States. The college is part of the Riverside Community College District, as well as the larger California Community Colleges System.


RCC first opened in 1916 at the same site as the Riverside Polytechnic High School (Riverside Poly).[2] Originally known as Riverside City College or as Riverside Junior College,[3]:206 the school changed its name to Riverside Community College in the 1960s. In 2008, the Board of Trustees renamed the institution back to Riverside City College.

With the opening of school next fall, Riverside's Junior College will be at the disposal of those who see fit to take advantage of the newest educational facility. The school board realized that the benefits of such a school would be great and according to their March meeting voted to establish such a college. – Anonymous, 1919[4]

The junior college expanded from the Riverside Poly campus and in 1924 constructed the first two buildings of the campus quadrangle in 1924.[5] When Riverside Poly re-located to its own campus on Victoria Avenue in 1965 the college assumed total control of the Magnolia property.

Today, Riverside City College is part of the greater Riverside Community College District, which enrolls about 21,000 students each semester. Students may earn an associate's degree, transfer to a four-year college or university or earn a career certificate.

In addition to the campus located in downtown Riverside, there are campuses in Moreno Valley and Norco. Separate education centers include the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center, the Center for Teaching Excellence at Stokoe, and the Rubidoux Annex in Rubidoux. RCC is also home to Gateway to College, a charter school that serves those returning to high school seeking diplomas as adults.

RCC maintains programs in liberal arts and science, athletics, and performing arts and vocational education. The school band is the RCC Marching Tigers, which includes the Fantasia Winter Guard, which has won several Winter Guard International awards, a Fall Marching Band, a Winter Drum Line, and a Spring Pep Band. The student newspaper is Viewpoints. The college is home to the School for Nursing.

RCC plans to open the Riverside School for the Arts on University Avenue and Market Street, adjacent to the historic White Park.[when?] The $57 million project will combine classrooms, studios, and digital media labs with space for public exhibitions and performances. The new school is expected to serve 1,600 students preparing for careers in the film industry and act as a feeder school for the film and visual culture BA program at the University of California, Riverside.

The Marching Band performed at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California on January 1, 2010, and at Bandfest at Pasadena City College.[6]

Notable alumni

Notable former faculty

Past Winter Drumline Shows

Year Program Title Placement Score Class
2002 The Sound of Silence 1st 96.90 PIW
2003 South Africa 2nd 94.60 PIW
2004 The Apple 2nd 93.80 PIW
2005 Manifest Destiny 1st 97.00 PIW
2006 The Sacred Geometry of Chance 4th 94.00 PIW
2007 Memento 1st 96.95 PIW
2008 City of Light 2nd 95.80 PIW
2009 Totem 2nd 96.90 PIW
2010 My Steampunk Heart 4th 94.10 PIW
2011 Hope, Dream, Fly 2nd 95.525 PIW
2012 The Gift 1st 97.088 PIW
2013 State of the Arts 2nd 97.425 PIW
2014 So... This is Earth? 4th 94.338 PIW
2015 Guardians of the Breath 1st 98.563 PIW

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