North Shore Community College

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North Shore Community College

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North Shore Community College
North Shore Community College.svg
Established 1965
Type Community
President Dr. Patricia A. Gentile
Administrative staff
800+ (Full and Part Time)
Students 16,000+ (2014 est.)
Location Danvers, Mass., USA
Coordinates: 42°35'24.50?N 70°58'5.50?W? / ?42.5901389°N 70.9681944°W? / 42.5901389; -70.9681944
Campus Suburban, Urban
Nickname NSCC, North Shore

North Shore Community College is a comprehensive community college offering over 80 associate degree and certificate programs to approximately 16,000 students a year from the 26 cities and towns along the coastal region from north metropolitan Boston to Cape Ann. The college has campuses in Danvers, Lynn, Beverly and Middleton Massachusetts. The college offers transfer programs as well as lifelong learning opportunities and workforce development training to businesses and individuals, cultural enrichment activities, and community development resources. North Shore Community College prepares students for the challenges of living and working in a global economy and provides a competent workforce for the north of Boston region. The College offers a 21st-century curriculum that balances liberal arts with career education delivered through a variety of instructional methods. Approximately 250,000 people have taken courses at the college’s three campuses in Lynn, Danvers and Beverly, as well as online. NSCC recently added a fourth campus in Middleton.

North Shore Community College is one of the largest of the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts and is a source of hope and opportunity and a regional leader for social and economic change. Blending tradition and innovation, liberal arts and career preparation, intellectual development and cultural and personal growth, NSCC fosters a diverse and caring community of learners where all are welcome and each is challenged. NSCC’s student body represents a mix of urban and suburban, a diversity of ethnic and racial groups, white- and blue-collar, middle- and low-income groups, as well as growing numbers of recent immigrants.

Fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, North Shore offers lifelong education responsive to changing community needs, evolving technology and the shifting roles faced by individuals and institutions. We believe our greatest contribution to the Commonwealth is the success and achievement of our students. Eighty four percent of our career and technical program students are employed within three months of graduation, and 92% of our graduates live and work on the North Shore. Giving our students the tools to prepare them for the real world and the opportunity to create a future for themselves, their families, and their communities - this is the essence of North Shore Community College.

The college is celebrating its 50th anniversary September 2014 – September 2015 with the theme of Our Legacy, Your Future.

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