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This article is about the surname. For other uses, see Johnson (disambiguation).
Family name
Meaning "son of John"
Region of origin England, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia
Language(s) of origin English
Related names Di Giovanni, Hovanessian, I'Anson, Ioannidis, Ioannou, Ivanenko, Ivanov, Ivanovic, Ivanovski, Janavicius, Jansons, Janowicz, Jansen, Jansons/Jansone, Janssen, Jensen, Johansson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jonavicius, Jonson, Jonsson, Johnsson, Jones, Jovanovic, Juánez, Mac Eoin, MacIain, Mac Seáin, McKeown, McKeon, McLachlan
Footnotes: [1][2]

Johnson is a surname of English origin. The name itself is a patronym of the given name John, literally meaning "son of John". The name John derives from Latin Johannes, which is derived through Greek ??????? Ioannes from Hebrew ????? Yohanan, meaning "Yahweh has favoured". The name has been extremely popular in Europe since the Christian era as a result of it being given to St John the Baptist, St John the Evangelist and nearly one thousand other Christian saints.[3] Johnson is the ninth most common surname in Sweden/Scandinavia,[1] second most common in the United States[1][4] and 154th most common in the world.[1]

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