Institute for Clinical Social Work

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Institute for Clinical Social Work

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Institute for Clinical Social Work
Established 1981
President Scott Harms Rose, Ph.D.
Dean Scott Harms Rose, Ph.D.
Location Chicago, Illinois

The Institute for Clinical Social Work, or ICSW, was established in 1981 to provide practicing clinical social workers and other psychotherapists the opportunity to earn a high-quality Ph.D. without taking a break from their professional pursuits. Located in the downtown Chicago, ICSW is the first and only accredited, independent school in the nation to offer a doctoral program in clinical social work. In 2007, ICSW introduced a comprehensive distance learning program that combines online coursework and occasional on-site workshops. ICSW launched a masters program in clinical counseling and psychotherapy in September, 2012. The ICSW community comprises more than 40 faculty members, 90 students, and 100 graduates.

Degrees offered

ICSW currently offers four degree options for its on-site and online doctoral students, and one on-site degree option for its masters students.

  • M.A. in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work, Clinical Core Tract
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work, Emphasis on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work, Emphasis on Military,Veterans, and their Families
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work, Emphasis on Child and Adolescent Social Work

Board of trustees

  • Louis Farr, Chair
  • John H. Doll, Vice-Chair
  • Michael Miller, Secretary
  • Steven Bloomberg, Treasurer
  • Eric Gershenson, Past President
  • Jay Ammerman
  • Arlene Alpert
  • Jay Fahn
  • Marc Hilton
  • Robert Kimmeth
  • Elaine Klemen
  • Elise Lennard
  • Robert Mardirossian
  • Nancy Marks
  • Ida Roldan
  • Laura Selby
  • Catherine Siegel

Directors, Deans, Coordinators & Chairs

  • Scott Harms Rose, Ph.D. – President & Dean
  • Jennifer Tolleson, Ph.D. – Associate Dean
  • Michael Casali, Ph.D. – Director of the Master's Program
  • Karen Bloomberg, Ph.D. – Director of Student Services
  • Elizabeth Oller – Director of Academic Administration
  • Stephanie Jean – Vice President of Operations
  • Sherwood Faigen, M.A. – Coordinator, Advanced Clinical Practice Program and Clinical Practicum
  • Erika Schmidt, M.A. – Coordinator, Child & Adolescent Specialization
  • Michelle Sweet, Ph.D. – Chair, Clinical Practice Sequence
  • Kate Schechter, Ph.D. – Chair, Conceptual Foundations Sequence
  • Joan DiLeonardi, Ph.D. – Chair, Research Methods Sequence
  • Gail DeLyser, Ph.D. & Boris Thomas, J.D.,Ph.D. – Co-Chairs, Clinical Practice Program
  • John Ridings, Ph.D. and Judith Aronson, Ph.D. – Co-Chairs, Institutional Review Board & Chair, Ethics Committee
  • Robert Mardirossian, Ph.D. and Ida Roldan, Ph.D. – Co-Chairs, Faculty Advisory Committee

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