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Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership - Special Education - Quantitative Research (Online)

Prepare yourself to be a leader in special education spheres. Grand Canyon University’s quantitative Doctor of Education in Leadership in Special Education will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to invest in special education and education communities and grow them to their full potential.

This quantitative EdD in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Special Education degree program will allow you to formulate and build upon your own personal philosophy of leadership. Equip yourself to make the greatest impact through leadership and education.

Through specializing in a quantitative EdD program, you will be able to create change and move special education forward by performing your own research and making your own contributions to the field. Learners will synthesize into scholarly literature to identify problems and problem spaces that emerge to form a researchable topic of study.

Courses in the program allow you to analyze current trends in special education and leadership, using those trends to build out your own skillset and equip you as a leader. In your courses, you will analyze the fiscal and management sides of special education, exploring the development practices and the leadership skills necessary to act as an administrator in your education community.

Explore frameworks for providing appropriate educational opportunities for all students and discover how you can make an impact by offering equitable education options for unique student populations.

Throughout the program, you will gain skills in:

  • Student assessment
  • Internal organizational collaboration
  • Legal and ethical issues in special education
  • Best practice in special education administration
  • Professional development
  • Historical perspectives of special education
  • Foundational leadership theories
  • Change and development in education
  • Staff management and professional development
  • Budgeting and finding sources of funding
  • Critical appraisal of research
  • Sampling, data collection and data analysis
  • Apply research principles to design original and independent research

Learners can complete the program in their own time and on their own schedule, making it accessible for currently working professionals. After completing course requirements, learners complete a research-based dissertation. GCU’s doctoral programs incorporate dissertation preparation from the beginning of the program and includes opportunities for support along the way, including in-person residency requirements. The dissertation will incorporate learners’ independent, quantitative research.

Performing a quantitative research study will allow you to advance the study of leadership within the field of special education through performing and facilitating your own in-depth research-based approach to increase leadership abilities of strategic education professionals. By completing a written dissertation, you will be able to take your findings and contributions and spread them throughout the field for other special education professionals to benefit and learn from.

Graduates of the quantitative EdD in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Special Education degree program may pursue high-level academic positions, including:

  • Special education director
  • School district administrator
  • Special education consultant
  • Curriculum developer
  • School administrator
  • Lead special education teacher
  • Learning advocate

Earning a doctoral EdD degree in special education and leadership can help you have a positive impact and reach your personal and professional goals.

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