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CSU–Global Campus

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CSU-Global Campus
Logo for csu global.jpg
Motto "If you have the courage, we have the college" (TM)
Type  • Distance learning
 • Online campus
Established 2007
President Becky Takeda-Tinker
Students 12,000
Location Greenwood Village, CO, USA
Campus Online
Affiliations Colorado State University, Colorado State University-Pueblo, accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, Colorado State University–Pueblo.
Mascot Golden Eagle

The Colorado State University - Global Campus (commonly referred to as CSU-Global or CSU–Global Campus) is the online campus of the state-related public Colorado State University System. The Global Campus offers online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs. Founded in 2007, CSU–Global Campus is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. The university specializes in non-traditional, adult professional students and students who can't take part in a traditional campus setting.[1]


CSU–Global Campus was established using a $12 million loan from the CSU Board of Governors, (which it has already paid back),[2] on August 24, 2007, with a central goal of meeting the educational needs of adult learners in the State of Colorado and beyond by providing high quality online programs. It was originally named CSU-Colorado, but that name was replaced early on with its current title.

On May 7, 2008, the CSUS Board of Governors delegated authority to CSU–Global Campus to oversee academic, personnel, and financial matters consistent with powers granted to CSU and CSU-Pueblo. CSU-Global first opened in September 2008. CSU–Global Campus was legally sanctioned as a third, independent University on March 18, 2009, when Colorado’s Governor Ritter signed into law the State of Colorado Senate Bill 09-086 declaring the establishment of the CSU–Global Campus as an online university that is part of the Colorado State University System.

CSU-Global defines itself as "the first statutorily-defined, non-profit, online state university" in the United States.[3]

Degree completion programs

All CSU-Global bachelor degrees are degree completion programs that are designed to provide learners the ability to combine college credit acquired from previously attended universities, life and work experience, CLEP and military credits to earn the rest of the credits needed to complete a college degree. These programs include 13 bachelor's degree programs and 19 bachelor's degree specializations.

Students are placed on one of two degree tracks, called the burgundy track and the gold track, dictating when classes start and are available. All courses, with a few exceptions, are eight weeks long and require the completion of a Portfolio Project. In 2015, CSU-Global transitioned from utilization of Blackboard Inc. to Schoology as the primary learning management system.

Graduate programs

CSU–Global Campus offers 11 master's degree programs and 20 specializations for its master's programs.


On June 30, 2011, Colorado State University-Global Campus was officially granted independent regional accreditation status by the Higher Learning Commission, the regional accrediting body for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.[4] CSU-Global is the first public university in Colorado to receive initial HLC accreditation since 1971,.[5]


The Board of Governors presides over the Colorado State University System, which comprises Colorado State University, Colorado State University–Pueblo, and Colorado State University-Global Campus. The Board of Governors consists of nine voting members appointed by the Governor of Colorado and confirmed by the Colorado State Senate, and four elected non-voting members.[6] Voting members come from many fields, including agriculture, business, and public service.[7] A student and faculty representative from each university act as non-voting Board members. The board also appoints a Chancellor to oversee all university Presidents. Michael V. Martin, is the current Chancellor for the CSU System. The Current Chairman of the Board is Dorothy Horrell. On July 1, 2010, the CSU System formally appointed Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker as CSU-Global’s first official president.

Affiliate Program

CSU–Global Campus has affiliate relationships with a number of government agencies and private organizations. These relationships offer incentives to employees wishing to continue their education. For example, employees receive the affiliate tuition rate, which is a 10% discount. Relationships include:[8]

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