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The Fundamentals of Financial Aid

By Bryn Marshall

Given the increasing costs of higher education, figuring out how you will pay for college can be more of a challenge than getting into school in the first place. It is rare that one form of assistance will fully cover your tuition and expenses. Read More »

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The Cost of Higher Education: Online Schools vs. Traditional Schools

By Trevor Reed

The cost of higher education is steep and steadily rising. Students looking to pursue a degree without miring themselves in prohibitive debt often forgo the traditional model of college in favor of a virtual alternative. Read More »

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Are You Serious About Going Back To School?

By Bryn Marshall

Adult learners, sometimes called mature students or re-entry students, should take a few extra steps in preparing themselves for the transition back to school. Success for adult learners can be just as much about adjustment as it is about academic performance. Read More »

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Tips For a Successful Career Change

By Trevor Reed

Unlike past generations of workers that dedicated themselves to one career or one industry or one company, today more and more professionals embrace change, mobility, and transformation. But even though we boast a flexible and resilient workforce, the process of breaking with one career and beginning another remains formidable. Read More »

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