Elizabethtown College

One Alpha Dr 
Elizabethtown PA 17022 

(717) 361-1000

General Information

  • Campus Setting Town: Fringe
  • Type of School Private, not-for-profit
    4-year or Above

  • Total Enrollment 2,311 (2,258 undergraduate)
  • Programs Offered Undergraduate certificate
    Associate's degree
    Bachelor's degree
    Graduate certificate
    Master's degree

  • Calendar Semester
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio 11 to 1
  • Distance Learning Opportunities Yes

Student Body

  • Full Time / Part Time 81% / 19%
  • Men / Women (Full Time) 35% / 65%
  • Undergraduate / Graduate 98% / 2%
  • In-State / Out-of-State 62% / 38%

Breakdown of Student Population by Ethnicity

Breakdown of Student Population by Ethnicity

Estimated Cost & Financial Aid

  • Tuition & Fees $31,800
  • Room & Board$8,150
  • Percentage of Students
    Receiving Any Financial Aid
  • Average Financial Aid Package$23,278
  • Average Indebtedness at GraduationN/A
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Undergraduate Admissions

  • Total Number of Applicants3,370
  • Students Admitted 1,968 (58%)
  • Students Enrolled487 (14%)
  • Average High School GPA3.64
  • Students in top 10% of HS Class33%
  • SAT Critical Reading (Middle 50%) 500-600
  • SAT Critical Math (Middle 50%) 510-610
  • SAT Critical Writing (Middle 50%) N/A
  • ACT Composite (Middle 50%) 21-25
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